Services Provided:

  • Couples / Relationship Issues
  • Pre-Marital Counseling / Marital/Family Discord Intervention / Discernment Counseling
  • Marital Dissolution – Family Mediation Solutions
  • Couples Counseling for Bereavement / Chronic Illness / Elder Issues
  • Family / Divorce Mediation
  • Professional Divorce Coach
  • Co-Parenting Specialist (including Parenting Plan Expert)
  • Communications Expert
  • Canine Assisted Therapy

Psychotherapy Services: Bhakti offers a straight-forward, gentle approach to couples and family therapy. She is caring, engaging and humorous. Bhakti studied with relationship experts, Drs John and Julie Gottman for many years and is en route to becoming “Gottman Certified”. Throughout the therapeutic process, Bhakti teaches clients how to communicate effectively in order to achieve clarity, and her quaint Duck Pond office offers a comfortable and supportive atmosphere in which to accomplish this.

Family Mediation Solutions: Family Mediation Solutions is a family / divorce mediation service that offers the benefit of two collaboratively trained Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediators working together. Pamela Schneider, a well-established family attorney and Bhakti, a mental health professional, work together as co-mediators to provide a child centered, peaceful divorce or other settlement. When acting as co-mediators, Pam will not legally represent either party. Rather, she will assist the parties in understanding the law and deciphering the legalese. Bhakti will not provide therapeutic intervention. Rather, she will support the parties through their emotional obstacles and assist them in developing a Parenting Plan. For more information on family mediation please visit our website: here.

Collaborative Divorce: Essentially, Collaborative Divorce is divorce without war or a peaceful divorce. It is a process to help couples stay out of court, work cooperatively on a mutually agreed upon Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan (if there are minor children), and restructure the family with dignity and respect for one another. A Collaborative Professional Team consists of the divorcing couple, each having representation from a Collaboratively trained family attorney; a Collaboratively trained mental health professional acting as coach to both parties as well as the team facilitator, and a financial neutral; a CPA with specific training in the Collaborative method as well as certification in divorce analysis who assists the couple in the equitable distribution of all assets.