Bhakti’s work is focused on couples and families while also advocating for children within the family system.

How Bhakti Can Help:

  • She provides premarital counseling to help prepare couples (never married, second marriage, blended marriage) for a lifetime of successful partnership using the Gottman Method of Making Marriage Work.


  • She assists couples and families experiencing marital discord. Many couples and families undergo rough times during which they are often faced with problems they’re unable to resolve on their own. If the issues are merely relationship hiccups, Bhakti offers couples a wealth of information and interventions targeting relationship strengthening and communication enhancement.


  • If, however, couples find themselves on the brink of divorce, Bhakti offers a new model of intervention known as marital mediation. Marital mediation focuses on helping the couple gain the clarity they need through negotiation to make the decision—to either work out their differences or divorce.


  • For those couples who have decided to divorce, want to stay out of court, want to avoid the expense of a divorce attorney, and wish to focus on the children (if any), Bhakti and her business partner, Pam Schneider, a long-time family attorney/mediator offer co-mediated family mediation through Family Mediation Solutions. If interested in a peaceful alternative to an otherwise adversarial process, please check out her mediation website: Family Mediation Solutions.


  • Finally, another process for couples who have made the decision to divorce is called Collaborative Divorce. Like mediation, Collaborative Divorce aims to keep couples out of court. The difference between mediation and Collaborative is, each divorcing party has their own Collaboratively trained attorney, and the professional Collaborative team includes a Collaboratively trained mental health professional acting as coach to the divorcing couple, and a Collaborative trained financial neutral, a CPA with special training in divorce who helps the couple equitably distribute their assets. Bhakti is Collaboratively trained in several areas of Collaborative Divorce. She can either help coach couples through the divorce process, act as a child advocate for the child(ren) during their adjustment period, or offer co-parenting education; evidence-based research of best practices for children at each stage of development.


Marriage and Family Therapy

Focusing On:

  • Premarital Counseling
  • Couples and Family Psychotherapist
  • Discernment Counseling
  • Family Mediation Solutions
  • Collaborative Divorce Professional
  • Co-Parenting Specialist/Educator